How to add advanced tab inside form setting

I manage to build a settings screen for my multiple fields using form type by using FLBuilder::register_settings_form() Inside the screen of my form settings it has General and Style tabs, now I want to add another tab for “Advanced” where the fields are exactly the same as what we have in all modules. Is that possible?

Surprisingly, not a single response from you guys LOL. Anyway, please ignore this problem I figured it out. I had to get dirty and dig the Beaver Builder code to find the solution.

Here’s what I found:

In your FLBuilder::register_settings_form add this line as new tab ‘my_advanced_tab’ => FLBuilderModel::$settings_forms[‘module_advanced’]

Note: It’s not predefined unlike the one from FLBuilder::register_module, so you have to manually set every CSS towards your desired element. You may want to use the filter fl_builder_register_module_settings_form to manage the fields and previews.

I hope this can help someone who might have a similar situation like this.

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