How to Center-Align Featured Image?

Hello beavers!

How do I center-align the featured image on the archive page? (post page as well, but it isn’t as bad on that page so I can live with that for longer)

I have been googling and found answers to this that said to set the margin-left and right to auto but it didn’t do anything.

I’ve been attacking .fl-post-thumb img but I can’t seem to get it right.

If I add margin-left (the featured image is closer to the left) then I can get it to the center but that would mean creating a bunch of different media queries to make sure it looks alright on all the different desktop screen sizes and so on so it’s not a great option.

Problem seems to be with the size of the featured image, if I select featured image to appear as “large” in customizer settings the images that are big enough will appear centered, however I’d like to have it selected as medium size (or just use max-width and resize it exactly as I want) but then it moves to the left.

Any ideas? Thank you!


Can you provide a link to the page, please so we can take a closer look.