How to change the default text in built-in templates

I’d like to change some of the default content that comes with the built in templates. I’ve re-branded the builder to my brand name using the developer branding feature but I also would like to change some of the text specifically @fastlinemedia email addresses that show in some layouts.

Hi Dipo! Thanks for reaching out. We’re glad you’re utilizing the new white labeling feature! Unfortunately, without editing the plugin’s core code, there is no way to change the default text in the layouts. You could load in our default templates, edit them to your liking, and then save them as custom templates. Then, you could even disable the default templates for your clients (this is an option in the page builder settings), so the only ones they see will be the custom versions that you modified. Lastly, you can export/import your templates using WordPress’ export tool. That way, when you spin up new sites, you won’t have to modify the defaults again. Let me know if you think that might work for you!

Thanks for your suggestions but I love the way the built in templates appear i.e. with thumbnails and separated in tabs i.e. Home and Content pages. The custom templates dont have thumbnails.

If you can tell me the core file(s) to edit so I can change the fastline emails to mine I’d just prefer to edit this instead

Dipo, we have some internal tools for creating/exporting the default templates. All of the settings are saved in a JSON file. You can find it in fl-builder/json/templates.json. You could do a find/replace on that file and change the e-mail addresses, but the changes would be overwritten when you update the plugin. We’ll definitely keep your request in mind as potential feature, though. Sorry this isn’t something that’s easier to accomplish.

I’m using developer version and there’s no file in fl-builder/json/templates.json. I did find this bb-plugin-developer/bb-plugin/data/templates.dat. I opened this with text editor and did the find and replace then saved. When you open the templates in page builder ALL the prebuilt templates have disappeared. I replaced the file with the original and the templates come back. Any suggestions?

Dipo, I’m sorry, you’re right. I happened to be looking at a clients plug-in folder that had an older version of Beaver Builder installed. One of the more recent updates we made was to move the templates data from JSON to a serialized array. Doing a find/replace won’t work now because it will break the serialized array. Sorry for giving you the wrong advice. At this time, changing the default templates is just not possible. Again though, we’ll definitely keep this use case in mind for future updates. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Let me know if you have any other questions!