How to convert Parent Theme to Child Theme

I created a new theme with Beaver Builder but I did not realize I could do it as a child theme. Is there a way to turn my bb-theme into a child theme? My theme is complete but when I looked up ways to transfer it to another site, it recommended that It is a child theme. I have no custom CSS at all. I have not downloaded the blank child theme yet but I was wondering if there was some way to transfer everything I did on the parent theme into the child theme? I can make any changes via FTP if necessary.

Hi @pross thank you for the reference link, sadly I found that “The plugin only exports theme settings saved using theme customizer and does not export site data like menus, widgets, images, and more. You will have to manually setup those changes.” does this mean that I need to create the theme from scratch if I want to convert it into a child theme? Or do you think there is another option?

EDIT: Never mind it seems to have worked. Thank you so much for your help you can close this now.