How to create an archive page for a custom taxonomy selection?

Hey everyone,

Hey there,

I have articles (posts) that I want to group together in a quarterly issue (archive layout) in Beaver Themer.

I know that I can use categories to do this, and then use themer to customize how a certain category archive is displayed – but since this is for magazine issues it will get cluttered as more issues are published.

There should also be some kind of issue page that can be shared and linked to, like “Summer 2019” issue.

Would it make sense to create custom taxonomy that adds another category choice to the site for issues? If so, how do you recommend I do this?

I’ve looked into Pods and ACF but seems like I need something simpler. Also looked into IssueM plugin, but this requires a whole new post type, and I’d rather just use the posts we already have on the site.


Hi Ryan,

If I understand correctly, then I would create a custom taxonomy called Issue and assign it to the Posts post type. Then when you create new posts, assign those posts to the correct issue and you can then still use categories and tags.