How to increase image size on 'Subscribe'

Hi everyone,

I started a new page to have a play around using the new ‘Subscribe’ layout.

I replaced the round image of ‘Lisa Lane’ (not her real name :slight_smile: ) with one I made myself.
The image is larger than the one it replaced, but no matter what I do I cannot make the image larger.
Tried every setting related to it, the column and the image settings, but nothing I do makes it bigger.
Note it does look larger on my iPhone !
Can provide a URL at this stage, it is on my local PC.
Any thoughts ?
regards, Dave

Hi David,

Have you tried making the column wider? I tried it on my end and that’s the only thing that’s keeping it from getting bigger. On that template, the width is 15% by default. Try making it larger but also adjust the width of the column beside it so they equal 100%. It will look large when viewed on a mobile device since by default, all the widths are set to 100% on mobile.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Ben,
Of course, that is pretty obvious when you think about it :slight_smile:
Cheers, Dave

Anytime, Dave. :slight_smile: