How to post video to home page?

I’m redesigning a client website using beaverbuilder. They have 10 different categories of posts. One is category video. They post youtube videos in that category.

They post content ahead of time and let it show up on the homepage using a posts widget in beaver builder. The issue is that the beaver builder widget for posts display strips out the html so the videos do not show up.

Is there any way to do this?

I know I can go into beaver builder and insert a video to the homepage - that is not what they do though. They want to be able to post a lot of content ahead of time and let it automatically change the homepage as time passes. So, we do this by posting a bunch of posts with future dates and the using a posts feed on the homepage to show the 2 newest stories.

Like I said - they want to do this with some youtube posts, but the html gets striped out.

If I could find a youtube insert that uses shortcodes would that work? does the beaverbuilder posts feed strip out shortcodes too?

nevermind - I think I can do this by putting the code in the excerpt field.

Hi Robert,

The Post module doesn’t strip out HTML, this is actually WordPress doing that. By default, the excerpt will strip out all text formatting and HTML. Therefore, you will need to set the Post module to use the posts content instead of the excerpt.

Alternatively, you could ask on the WordPress support forums how to allow HTML in the excerpt.