How to Remove Header and Footer is NOT Obvious

I recently purchased Beaver Builder, primarily to build sales/landing pages. I was disappointed to see that there’s not an OBVIOUS way to remove the header and footer. I was just reading the support forum and the blog, both which mentioned that it’s now possible to remove the header and footer, but does not say HOW to do it. That’s incredibly frustrating, as I’ve had to read through documentation, support forums and your blog, and I still do not know how to such a simple thing.

It should be PLAINLY obvious on how to do such a task. I apologize for the use of caps in this message, but that’s how frustrating this has been today. I would think there are people using BB for landing pages, and may not want a logo/navigation area at the top of the page, or a footer at the bottom.

If I have to create a custom page template and remove the header and footer myself, I can’t see the value of owning a page builder like BB in the first place.

Hey Dairrell. Sorry you’re having trouble. You’re right, we should make this clearer. We’ll try to whip up a tutorial about how to do this ASAP. In all honesty, we’re we’ve been using BB so much we have a bit of tunnel vision. What I mean there is that it’s really tough to figure out what’s unclear/confusing to a new user because we’re so comfortable with the tool now.

That said, I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you’re struggling with and we’re happy to help. I’ll follow up once we’ve posed some clear instructions on how to remove the header and the footer. Thanks!

Thanks! I’m trying to remove my header and footer as well, but it isn’t working well =.=

p.s: using Woothemes’ Superstore only gives me the full width option

Hey Leo, if you’re not using the Beaver Builder theme I am not sure how much we’ll be able to help. The Page Builder plugin is designed to only edit the content area, so you won’t actually be able to modify your theme’s header/footer with it.

If you’re using the Beaver Builder theme, we’re actually releasing a new feature this week: a blank page template. This will make it super easy to create a one-off page that doesn’t show a header or footer. No need for CSS and no need to turn the header/footer off on your whole site!

Edit: If you shoot me a link to your site, I’d be happy to see if there’s a quick CSS snippet I could whip up to hide your theme’s header/footer…


This feature you mention sounds AWESOME and is something i have been looking forward to for a long time. Landing pages with BB theme coupled with the plugin will be GREAT!!

I just noticed the change logs have this added on version 1.2.4.

I am going to look for it right now on one of my sites! woo hoo!

Right on, Bryan! We’re pretty jazzed about this feature too! Let us know how it works out for ya!

Using Chrome or Firefox, right-click on your page, inspect element, and then find that page’s specific Page ID somewhere near the top. Replace your page with mine below (3114), then use the following CSS snippet: .fl-page-bar {
display: none;
} .fl-page-header-container {
display: none;
} .fl-page-footer-container {
display: none;

As a side note, there is also a really cool free plugin called, “CSS Plus” by Paulo E. Calixto, that allows you to put CSS on individual pages, right in the page editor (not the BB page editor!), just the built-in WP editor.

Thanks for the tips, David! Much appreciated. I’ll have to check that plugin out.

Here is a video that walks you through step-by-step: