How to reproduce a local training copy of GoDaddy created agency license

I was asked by a small company who had Godaddy, actually it looks like a subcontractor GoDaddy hired, to build their WP websites and they used the Agency Version of Beaver Builder.

The license fields are empty in the WP dashboard for all the customer websites and BB plugins no longer current. They refuse to provide the licenses and said if the customer wanted update, they would do it, as a fee of course. But that is not the immediate need and we do not need counseling on why or why not use Godaddy as that is before my time and I know the reasons already such as terrible support even with a paid support package.

The customer needs to have a local duplicate of their GoDaddy website so employees can train using the real content.

I was able to reproduce everything but when I activate BB the site fails I suspect because of no license.

So the question is, can we purchase a PRO license to use on the local copy or do we need to also buy the Agency license?

Money is not issue its whether spending it will solve the problem and of course the lower price PRO would be better to try this.

Contact support for billing enquiries

I visited the link and did not find a way to register.

That is another problem. The contractor did not give my client login information which makes sense since they are not providing the license in the first place.

Hope someone can help as there is an order potential here.

You can always click the contact link

Ok thanks for that. Submitted.

It has been a trial to help this client to get control over their content. The SEO damage done by not having full control over a WP site shows in their Google analytics and having trained employees to refresh content using BeaverBuilder is key to restoring their main source of customers which was their websites before they turned it over to Godaddy.

I went to the website and couldn’t find a method to register.

That is a different issue. The contractor did not provide login credentials to my customer, which is understandable given that they are not giving the licence in the first place.

I’m hoping someone can assist because there is a possible order here.

You dont need to register to contact us.