How to transfer styles from theme built for Elementor to B.B modules?

Let me start by saying:

  • I am new member to this community
  • I have recently decided not to use any page builder other than B.B, as none other is even close.
  • Unfortunately, many great designs (themes) are hell bent on Elementor (which I don’t wont to use at all)
    So, here is my problem:
    Suppose I have chosen a theme that is exactly what I want, well structured, beautifully styled elements etc. - BUT, it uses Elementor.
    I would like to get rid of Elementor and use Beaver Builder instead, keeping the theme’s header, footer and blog page (posts) design while recreating pages and elements using B.B.
    In a nutshell, I would like recreate the styling of elements (i.e. icon boxes, CTA, Team Member, etc.) that look exactly as originally designed for Elementor, but without using the Elementor builder itself. Is this possible?
    This could be a simple solution for some, but I can’t seem to find the simple way.

Also, wouldn’t be easier for everybody if the Beaver Builder (which is the best page builder) is predominantly used with themes offered on Themeforest for example? Then we could just buy the theme we like and not worry about migrating to Beaver Builder.