HTML changes do no apply and disappear after Publish

I am using Beaver Builder on Icelander Theme and need to add HTML in order to improve the website accessibility. To work with the HTML I switch to Text Editor and add the code. After adding the “title” tag to all <iframe> links and Update the page, I click on Beaver Builder tab to make everything styled as it was (otherwise the whole design is broken) the “title” attributes were not there afterward. How do make the HTML changes stick to their place?

Hi Miglena,

I’ve encountered a similar issue before. It’s possible that the HTML changes are not being saved due to a conflict with the theme or a plugin. Have you tried disabling all other plugins and switching to a default WordPress theme to see if the issue persists? Also, ensure that you’re using the latest version of Beaver Builder and your theme. If the problem continues, it might be worth reaching out to Beaver Builder support for more specific assistance.

Hope this helps!