Http/2 use and compatibility

Hi. Has anyone experimented with http/2?

If so, have you had any compatibility issues?


http2 has been out for years now. If you are using ssl on your site your host probably already has enabled h2.

Thanks. It wasn’t but will be tonight at 11PM :grinning:
I also saw that http/3 is in progress.
Thanks again.

yea i saw CF are supporting an early build of h3… i intend to compile that in on my server to experiment with

Successful transition from http/1.1 to /2 but zero gain in page load speed. Oh well.

Are you measuring it with a real world browser, or one of those tools that dont even support h2 yet?

Online tools but, to the best of my knowledge, they support http/2, I think…
Pingdom says they do.
This said, regardless of tools, your hint is correct, with a real world browser, not sure if it’s ‘faster’ but it loads ‘fast’ nonetheless and I have a mother of a homepage.
Last point, I did do some tests with two browsers and checked the real time timeline, and the cpu stress is very low and my network requests seem lower than they were before confirming fewer lookups.