This one specific page on my website keeps deleting the header and footer and adding a lot of blank space. I have confirmed that it is not a caching issue. Whenever I publish the page, it looks great, and then after a few refreshes, it always messes up again. This is the only page on my website that does this. Any ideas on how to solve it??

Have you tried disabling all the caching?

There is a media query that uses javascript to add padding to the top of the body on that page. padding-top: 1159.75px; If you narrow your browser window, at 991px wide you will see that padding changes to zero. I can’t tell you why that is happening, but that is the issue.

Thank you for your assistance. I still haven’t been able to resolve.

Turn off whatever is combining all the css and js files, this looks like a classic case of over optimisation

Hey @pross . Any guidance on how to do this?

I have no idea what caching your host is using or what plugins you have.

You need to contact the developer who built the site for you for support as he has the owns the license, he can then open a ticket with us if need be.