I am trying to build an endorsement carousel

Hi all,

I am trying to build an “endorsement carousel” that displays a number of endorsements at the same time (let’s say three), and then you can use arrows to slide to more endorsements.

Basically, I want it to work just like the post carousel.

I have gone through a number of different elements in BB, but they all seem to display only one at a time (content slider, slideshow, testimonials)

I could probably make it work with the post carousel, putting all endorsements into individual posts is no problem, except that the heading is always clickable. Is there any way I can make it so the post titles don’t appear as links?

Edit: I have also tried to just use posts that have no title, and add a title to the post body instead; however, the mini descriptions in the posts carousel lose all formatting, so that’s not ideal either.

I hope my description makes sense!

Thank you for any help or advice!