I need help setting up custom fonts

I have a site I want to do a conversion from using Visual Composer to using BeaverBuilder, however I have a few issues I am running into.


The first one is custom fonts

Screenshot: http://nimb.ws/gOwntG

The top font is called FPN and the bottom is called thirsty-rough. What I would like to do is to add these fonts to the Font List drop-down for text in the Beaver Builder plugin while editing the theme.

I really need some help with this and the easiest possible solution! Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

When you say Font list drop-down for text. Are you referring to a module or the Theme customizer options?


Hi Danny,

I was able to get them to load into the module part in the Font list drop-down using the plugin, Use Any Font.

However, that did not allow the fonts to show up in the BB customizer. It only loads “System” and “Google” fonts. I would like to change the menu’s font to one of the two I am using as a custom font.

Hey Alex,

Have a look at the thread below. It’s a discussion re the same. At the end(a recently posted reply) is a link to an article showing how to do it. You might want to give it a shot! :slight_smile:


I also need to use a custom font for the navigation. I don’t see a link to the referenced thread or article. Please help. Thanks.

Hey Nate,

Not really sure what happened there, I’ll just post the link again below. :slight_smile: