Icon do not load when Beaver Builder Theme is inactive


I am creating a custom module named Flip Box ( https://ultimate.brainstormforce.com/flip-box/ ), for which I need your default icon set. I have created a icon field using
FLBuilder::register_settings_form( ‘icon_form_field’, array( /entire array/ ) );

This has all the fields from your Icon module plus few extra fields that I needed.

This works perfectly fine when I use Beaver Builder child theme. But when I switch to some other theme, it seems that the font-awesome.min.css isn’t getting loaded, which results into not loading the icons.

But unlike the case of Call To Action module, here the icons get initiated in other themes as well. Is there anything I am missing while creating custom module?

Here is link to sample page where I have created a Flip-box. - http://vrunda.sharkz.in/bb-flip-box/

P.S. I am using Beaver Builder Lite version plugin and overrided built in modules for “cta”, etc along with few extra custom modules.

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Hey Pc,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your concern!


Hey PC,

I believe FontAwesome is always loaded in our theme, but not in the plugin. It’s only loaded in the plugin as needed. Adding this in your module’s constructor should do the trick…


Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.


Hey Justin,

Thanks for the quick and easy solution. That worked like a bliss!