Icon or Read More link at the bottom of full height rows

A feature often seen in themes using a “hero” image / full height section is an icon or read more link that appears screen bottom to encourage you to scroll / click to continue down the page.

I have tried replicating this using an icon with a class with attributes position:absolute; bottom:0; without success as the containing div fl-row-content has relative positioning that is applied to it.

Can this be done - either by positioning a builder element or by applying a class to the row perhaps?

Many thanks.

Hi Mark,

We have done a similar thing on our Scroll template. All we did on that template was use the Icon module or are you referring to using just an image in a row without any content?


Hi Danny,

Here’s what I’m after: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold-one-page-portfolio/

So I have a centered headline (or other content) but the arrow (I can add the css animation later) is positioned bottom: 0 relative to the full height div rather than the column containing it.


Hey Mark,

Do you think you can share the URL of the page you’re playing around with so we can check?


I am looking for something similar. Did you (Mark/Ben) succeed in doing this somehow?

Perhaps you would share your solution. It would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,

You will want to check out our Smoothing Scrolling article from our KB. This should allow you to add an ID and scroll to the Row that contains that ID.