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Hey BB

  1. I uploaded a new Icon Set (I set this set completely. I set the tags too). Can I update this Icon Set later? (eg. I add a new Icon to this Set, or new tags…)
    2, The search deas not work if I search Icon Tag. The search works only the name of the Icons what is not good and there are few. Why is this? Therefore the users can not search in their own language.
    If I change the name too, the search is working but this is not the best solution. I do not want to replace the icon name, becouse my language use a special character and it may generate an error (becouse the name is using in the page sources).
    3, If i use Fontello, the icon background is not circle but an egg or splodge :-). Icons from IcoMoon is looking fine and have circle background.

Any good idea how to translate and make searchable the imported Icon Sets ?


First I uploaded one Icon Sets from IcoMoon (I called it “Line Icons”). Seconds I uploaded “fontelico” Icon Sets from Fontello.

The bugs:

1, After I uploded second Icon Sets (fontelico) the first Icon Set (Line Icons) crashed, not working. Sreenshots is bellow.

2, The fontelico Icon Set background is egg not a circle.

I like to use this function, can You help? :slight_smile:


Hey Blaci,

Would it be possible if you could share the site URL as well as provide us temporary admin access? We’ll also need a copy of the icon set you have so we can test it locally. You can send it to themes [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com.


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Hi László! It looks like the two font icon library’s CSS are conflicting with each other. They’re both using the following CSS rule to set the font family:


A simple solution for this would be to combine the two libraries into one. Is that an option? Otherwise, you could experiment with changing the library’s CSS before you upload it to Beaver Builder. You’d need to change that generic CSS rule above to something more specific.

Can you elaborate a bit on the problem you’re having with search? If I understand correctly, you can search for the icon tag, but not for the name (which you have translated)?

For the egg problem :slight_smile: – the fontelico CSS is adding a left and right margin to the icon that’s causing this quirk. I believe this CSS snippet will solve the problem:

[class*=" icon-"]:before {
  margin-left: 0;
  margin-right: 0;

Lastly, you should be able to update your icon libraries as long as you don’t change the naming conventions. You might want to test this, though, before trying it on a live site. It should work, but it’s not something we’ve tested extensively yet. Do let us know if you have trouble with that.