Identifying content added by Beaver Builder


I’m helping a client that want’s to remove a div and js code in their html code.

I’m not familiar with Beaver Builder, but I think the code has been added with it.

The div starts like this:

<?-- then the js content is here ->

Looking up “fl-module fl-module-html” led me to references to Beaver Builder.

In wp-admin, I went to Beaver Builder/saved modules and I don’t see any reference to the code I’m trying to remove.

I’ve gone through the theme, widgets, plugins, and don’t find the code there. Is this likely added using Beaver Builder, and if so, how can I find it?



Doesn’t look like your code came through. See for a start. Of course there are several other places JS code can be added - the theme customizer, in the php file itself, a code insertion plugin, etc.

Opps, let me try it again:

    <div class="fl-module fl-module-html fl-node-5ca461cc23711" data-node="5ca461cc23711">
    	<div class="fl-module-content fl-node-content">
    		<div class="fl-html">

Would that be the start of Beaver Builder code? Thanks -


fl- classes are indeed Beaver classes…

The builder used to be called FastLine Builder, :wink:

Hi Chris,

Any element with a class that starts with fl- is content added by Beaver Builder. For example:

<div class="fl-row fl-row-full-width fl-row-bg-none fl-node-5cd9a463aaef0" data-node="5cd9a463aaef0">
	<div class="fl-row-content-wrap">
		<div class="fl-row-content fl-row-fixed-width fl-node-content">

Hope that helps.

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Well, on a great note, you’ve introduced me to Beaver Builder and your great support!

Not so great… I still can’t figure out where in BB someone entered the code my client wants removed…

I’ve gone through the options in the tools and don’t see it there. I’ve checked the theme customizer and it’s not there…

Would it help if you saw the page?

If you look at the html source and search for 5ca461cc23711 it’s that div and everything in it I’m trying to get rid of,


So that is just a HTML module which from the looks of it contains a script. If you want everything removing then I would just remove the HTML module. :slight_smile:

Would that be under ‘saved modules’? I have two there, and if I open in BB I don’t see any content in them as I browse through the tool options.

No, it looks like this is part of a Beaver Themer Header layout. So you will want to go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Beaver Builder > Themer Layouts and launch the builder on the header layout. From here you should be able to remove that HTML module. :slight_smile:

Success, finally found it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. I had looked at that header layout but had missed it, went back through more carefully when you pointed out that as the place to find it.

Thanks again, now I’ll take a bit more time to look through BB without the pressure of finding and deleting something in particular :slight_smile:


This code looks great guys… Thanks

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