IE 11 centered text display issue on fullwidth content area

I had this issue on another site with a slider background and it went away.

Look at on IE full width hero sections are off

Hey C. Marshall,

It looks like the background images are coming from a different URL? Did you just migrated the site?


Yes - 15 minutes ago I changed domain to from the subdomain

Hey C. Marshall,

You’re going to need to run a search and replace to fix all your URLs. You can do this by using the Serialized Search and Replace script from our KB.

Once you have run the tool and replaced all the URLs with the new domain. Check to see if this resolves your issue.

Note: I would recommend performing a backup before running the tool. Just as a precaution.


I do this with all of the sites I use BB on and have never had this issue before.

Hey C. Marshall,

I apologise, but I am not sure what you mean when you say “I do this with all of the sites I use BB on”? Are you referring the Search and Replace or your migration?

Also, how did you perform the migration, can you provide the exact steps, please?


Danny -

I use WordPress multisite with subdomains and the domain manager plugin.

Every site starts as a subdomain site on a multisite install on wpengine.

For example:

After the site is developed, tested and ready to launch the DNS of the
actual client domain is pointed to my WordPress install IP address. In the
WPengine portal I add the domain to my IP

Last step, I go to Dashboard of Multisite Admin and use the
Settings->Domains to assign the new domain to the subsite ID.

The site starts to appear as without the wpengine. becomes I’ve done
this 40 times or more and never had to do any search and replace in the
database. =

That’s native WordPress multisite.

Hi, C. Marshall.

I understand what you have done and that you’re experienced doing it. We were just pointing out that your images are still being loaded from the old domain?

In regards to your IE issue, what version of IE and what operating system are you seeing the alignment issue on?

I don’t have access to IE personally as I am on a Mac. So I had to view your site via BrowserStack the text is aligned to the center.

Windows 10/IE 11 -
Windows 8.1/IE 11 -