Image Gallery query

I’b building a site for a Photographer & I really like the built in Gallery.
But the client really wants the images to line up horizontally.
The images retain their aspect ratio, which is also a requirement, so I understand that there will be a mix of portrait and landscape images making it very difficult.
When I use the demo template, the other issue is that on the last row, you get a couple of images ‘hanging off’ because the photo’s above have slightly more vertical height…
Any thoughts on this, or if anyone has an alternative to try. (Believe me I have spent hours looking at the dozens of image gallery plugins available :frowning: )
TIA, Dave
ps - this guys site is the one the client really likes, the fact that the portrait and landscape images show the complete image AND the rows are perfectly aligned is the key issue!

Hey Dave,

Our collage layout lines up the images vertically but everything else might be possible with a bit of custom CSS although it won’t be exactly the same and would also depend on the dimensions of the images you are using. On the site posted above, the images have similar dimensions.

We’ll need custom CSS to limit height of the images. You can use the Collage layout, add all the images in and add this CSS snippet.

.fl-module-gallery .fl-photo-img {
  max-height: 150px; /*This value should equal to the height of your landscape images*/

You can give this a shot. If it doesn’t work for you, I’m afraid we’ll just have to wait until someone who has experience with a lot of gallery plugins jumps in as I’ve never used one before.


Thanks Ben,
I’ll certainly give that a whirl…

ps - Had a quick play and that is certainly much better - I’ll play with the height setting to see what works best - thanks again…

Awesome! Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: