Image Linking

I’m doing a travel site (local dev so no URL) and I want to include a page with pictures of multiple resorts that when you click on a single resort picture you go to a page about that particular resort. So I started with a gallery, but now I see I can’t link the photos to another page, only to a lightbox or the image URL. What is the best way to accomplish this? Should I place the photos individually in a row with links to the URLs? Or is there some other module that might work better? Here’s a link to the old site that I’m redesigning:


Hello Fran,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, you could use the Photo module and put a link on each. Or you could use our Posts module(gallery layout). I would suggest placing the resorts into a post rather than a page so you can separate them by category. This way, if a new post/resort gets added, it automatically gets added to that page as well.

Hope this helps!


That’s a great idea, Ben! I hadn’t thought of that since I’m basically replicating an old site and it was done in pages. I’m concerned about maintaining the SEO, though, I guess I’ll just have to redirect all of the pages to the posts…

Thanks, I’m really loving working with Beaver Builder!


No problem, Fran! And glad you’re loving it! Have fun! :slight_smile: