Image Size

I’m only using the free Beaver plugin at the moment.

When you add an image to a photo box you are presented with the options … thumbnail, medium, large or full-size.

I understand all about pixel dimensions etc, but how doe this relate to my page and which option should I select and when?

Does this choice dictate which size is served up into my Wordpress database?

When I re-size my browser window, the picture box can re-size accordingly …so, does whichever size I choose get resampled to fit this pixel space?

How are mobile devices and Retina screens dealt with?

Presumably, I need to load the largest size that is likely to be called upon?

But how do I calculate this?

And also the knock on effects of download speed?

Advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Hey Simon,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Yes, that is correct in that this will indicate what size of the image will be loaded on your site. For mobile devices, these images will be resized accordingly. The bigger the image you upload, the longer it will take for the browser to download it.

You may want to check for best practices when uploading images on a website. I Googled real quick and found this -

Hope this helps!