Image sizes in gallery are large and not fullsize

Hi, I am having trouble with the gallery within BeaverBuilder.

In the gallery the image that appears in the lightbox is the large image and not the “Full size” one.
The uploaded images are 1024px wide but the large images which are set to max 500px (wide or high) are beeing used.

You can see the site here:

And also the width and height are added so the image is too large on mobile devices.

Here is the source code: … display: inline-block; width: 500px; height: 333px;" src="">

Any idea what causes this. Am I overlooking a setting somewhere?

I use Wordpress version 4.1.1 and BB version 1.4.5.

Just found out that with single images (not placed in a gallery) the lightbox version is working correct. The “full size” image appears here.

Hey Edwin,

That’s interesting, they should show the full size. You are on a pretty outdated version of BB, would you mind updating to the latest which is 1.5? This could have to do with your theme as well, but go ahead and update and then if you could send along temp admin access, I can take a look. Thanks!


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Hi Edwin,

The Gallery Module is intended to use the large sized images as some people upload hi-res files. The Single Photo module though will have to be checked since it should be using the large sized images as well - thank you for pointing that out. For now, changing the max height and width of the large sized images is the only way around this. You can also add that feature to our User Voice Forum if you like and we might look into it.

Hope this helps.


Hi Carlo, thank you for responding.

From the reply of Billy I understood that the gallery should show full-size images.
Changing the size of large size images is no solution as they are used elsewhere in the site.

The other issue of the lightbox images having width/height attributes and not showing correctly on mobile I have tackeled. This was caused by another plugin.

Hey Edwin,

No problem. Yeah, sorry about that. We did have a discussion on whether it was the Single Photo Module or the Gallery Module that is working as intended. What’s gonna happen now is that the Single Photo module will be fixed to show only the large version of the image instead of the full image - I don’t have timeline for this but that would be it. If you want to have options for sizes for the images that appears in the lightbox, you can add a feature request using our User Voice Forum. :slight_smile:


I was going to raise the same issue. You mentioned the Single Photo module will be changed but what’s happening with the Gallery Module? Why does that not link to the Full Size image, or at least provide an option for uses to choose? The Standard WordPress galleries link to the full size image by default.

Hello Anthony,

We intended to use the large image size for the lightbox popup since some people tend to upload hi-res files. The team is looking into implementing a size option for the lightbox but it may take a little while. You may suggest/vote for that as a feature request on our User Voice Forum and we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:


I made a suggestion on the UserVoice Forum. Here is the link:

Thanks for that

Latest update no longer forces larger images in to smaller spaces. This is VERY disconcerting that there was no warning on the plugin update. A gallery of logos now looks like crap and I have to re-do all images on a live, production site. Also had to change all uploaded images to a smaller size manually (yes, I could have done so programatically but not without future compromises).

It is also a bummer since the ‘force’ smaller image made 75% compressed images look great on a Retina display (e.g., uploaded at 1000 x 500 but in a 500 x 250 photo or text box).

Please, next time warn on a plugin update.

Hello Steve,

Sorry to hear about your experience. The forcing of larger images into smaller spaces was actually a problem that arose in an attempt to fix another one, it wasn’t really intended to do that. It was only happening on Firefox too. Please check this thread for more information regarding the update.