Images are not updating following site migration

I’ve migrated my site from another location and many of the images are pointing to the old location. When I re-save each image and publish the page the image from the correct url, until I refresh the page. If I save the image as something else, publish, then save the image back to the original, publish, it points to the correct location sometimes. I haven’t been able to make this work for background image on a repeatable row.

I have hundreds of images so I would be delighted to have a good option that works here please!

Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version) Version
Wordpress 6

The image urls are stored in the database, if you change your site url you need to use a search and replace plugin to go through all the posts meta tables and change it to your new domain.

Thank you, but unfortunately this didn’t help. I’ve tried Better Search Replace and it apparently changed a handful of them but every one I could find on the front end was still wrong. I tried downloading the database, doing a find/replace on even just a single image url but I can’t seem to do that without corrupting the database.

I used Better Search Replace to change the remaining URLs, I had to remove the extra characters in the URL, i.e. “https://” and the trailing slash.

To solve the issue with the row background not updating I deleted it off the page and added it back. After that I could edit it as usual.

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