Images dissappear after migration

Hi Guys

First off, i want to say i absolutely loving the theme and plugin, i know develop all my websites exclusively with your theme and plugin. I am having a migration issue. After i move the website from my demo server to another server. All the images suddenly go into thumbnail mode and disappear. I then have to go into page builder and click on the row and reset the image to the right size or click on an image and change it from thumb nail to the right side.

Any work around, with out having to go into each page and reset the image size ?

Hey Geoffrey,

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Did you run a serialized search and replace script when you migrated the site? Check the article below for more info.

Basically, the problem you described above only happens when the image is no longer available. It was either corrupted, or still using the old URL. WP and BB stores data in a serialized array. If you did a regular search and replace, the serialization for those data gets broken, causing the files to be corrupted. If you didn’t do a search and replace at all, then the image was still using the old URL. Did you make a backup of the dev DB before migration? If so, I’d suggest loading that backup, then run the serialized search and replace script found on the page above. Let us know how it goes!