Images dissappear

We’ve noticed a weired behaviour here some times: Images placed at the top of our posts dissappear. To get them back, the only way appearently is to “replace” them - and then picking the same (or some other) image from the media library.
We went through all published posts today, and found missing top images in about 1/5. Has happened maybe 3 times earlier, during the last 2-3 months.
All are placed in normal Photo modules, cropped in “Landscape”.
A possible bug?
Have a look at the screen shots from the same post before and after replacing the top images with themselves:
Login info in private post…

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Hi Kjetil,

Do you know how we can recreate the issue?


I wish I knew.
I just wanted to mention it in case you have had more reports like this
I promise to let you know - and leave an example - next time/ if it happens again
FYI: We have few other plugins. The issue has occurred while having the site with two different hosts and on two different server types (Apache and Litespeed). It MIGHT have to do with the Litespeed server which we have had several issues with

Hey Kj,

Let us know once you have more info re the issue so we can dig deeper. :slight_smile: