Images distorting- need help

Hi there,

I am bringing in images for our home page and for some reason it’s stretching and distorting the images. Can you help me understand how I can fix this problem?

Thanks for you help!

Hey Nicholle,

Do you mind sharing the URL of the site so we can take a look?


Hey Nicholle,

I took a look and the only distorted image I see is the second image in the slider, which is a low-res stock photo comp.

The images do need to be stretched to fill the background of the slider, but as long as they have enough resolution, they shouldn’t appear distorted. All of the images appear to be ok except for the one I mentioned. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing.


Hey Nicholle,

Got your email in regards to this support thread, but we prefer to keep everything in our forums if possible. There really isn’t a recommended size, but I would say 72dpi and about the size/dimensions of the other images in your slider.