Images not appearing correctly in mobile preview - a responsive design issue?

Hello, I am new to this community and relatively new to Beaver Builder and website design.

I am having a problem with images on my mobile preview appearing below the text they are supposed to appear on top of. I know it is a responsive design issue, but not sure how to fix it.

Would appreciate any help!

Here is a link to how the page looks on desktop: Dropbox

Here is a link to how the page looks in preview mode for mobile:

Hi Bill,

Looks like you need to use Reverse Column Order on the columns with the photo on the right. Column Stacking | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Hi, thank you so much for the reply! That did correct the problem in the preview mode, but the images still stack when I check on my iPhone (I did clear the cache before checking). See this link for a screenshot from the iPhone. Any suggestions?

Try clearing the Safari cache on your phone. It’s in Settings > Safari …

Thank you, yes as I mentioned in my previous message I did clear the cache in Safari before trying. And I tested for the first time on my wife’s iPhone and same results of the images doubling up. Any other suggestions? Thanks again for your help!

BTW, this is the page URL: SEO Services - Threlkeld Communications

Hi there,

The page looks correct on my iphone/Safari. I’m seeing alternating images and text.

Maybe your CDN cache updated?

Yes, thank you … after turning on/off this option several times, it started appearing correctly. Must have been a CDN cache issue as you suggest. Thank you again for helping resolve this!

Try adjusting CSS for those elements or checking Beaver Builder’s mobile settings.