Imported data in ACF Fields only show up in Themer template after post update


I have a custom post type with a few custom text fields created by ACF. I have thousands of entries to import which I have easily done using wp all import.

I have created a themer template for the custom post type and connected the ACF fields. However, the fields only display on the front end once the post is actually saved in the wp-admin by clicking the update button. Using bulk edit on the posts does not work.

I can’t go through and manually update all these posts - is there a way round this issue??

(ps -The fields show up fine when I just edit a theme template and don’t use Themer…)



Hi Chris,

How did you import the fields? Did you use the ACF import/export tools?

The data was all imported using WP All Import

I’d try exporting/importing your fields using ACF import/export tools and see if the issue persists.

How did you solve this. I have the same problem and using ACF import/export tools is not an option as WP All Import is used to update many other fields in the same upload.

Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I am running into this exact same issue when attempting to display WP All Import data thru ACF and Beaver Themer.

Hello, did you ever find a solution. I am having the same issue. If I import with wp all import I can see the field data in the backend, but it is not showing in the front end. If I edit the products in anyway and save it shows the data. If i create a product i can see the acf field data on the front end. It appears when I import it is not completing the saving process, even though all the products get imported and published.