Incorrect sidebar width in genesis child theme

Hi there,

Since today I’m a proud owner of the Beaver Builder plugin. And I’ve got full confidence that I’ll be able to create exactly what I want to with this awesome tool!

Thank you for the possibility to turn to you guys for support through this forum. I hope you can help me out with a small problem I encountered while trying to build a page in a Genesis child theme.

I noticed while trying to build a page with Beaver Builder that I’m able to edit the main content of the page and not the content of the sidebar. This is the case when the page I’m trying to edit has been created with a preset layout setting of a sidebar next to the main content.

So I figured that by creating the sidebar with the Page Builder, I’ll be able to edit the sidebar with the Page Builder also. So I tried to add a new page with a one column full width layout setting. And then I added a row layout with a sidebar. Now I can edit the sidebar with Page Builder as I please. The only problem is that the positions of the main content area and the sidebar are not the way they should. There is a gap that I can’t seem to close between the sidebar and the border of the content area of the child theme.

I’ve made a screenshot of it and saved it as a note in my Evernote account, which you can see here:

Could you help me solve this problem? It would be a great help!

Thank you!



Hello Hashim,

Welcome to the Beaver Builder group! Based on the screenshot, it is most likely caused by the theme in use. There might be a padding set on the content area. Would it be possible for you to give us the URL of the site so we can check further? Better yet, if you can grant us temporary admin access to the site as well that would be super!


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Hi Ben,

You were right about the padding of the content area of my theme. I removed that and the problem is solved. Not only that, I’m starting to understand how to build pages the way I want to combining the use of your great plugin and editing my theme.

Thank you very much!


Hashim Naushahi

Hey Hashim,

The content has a default padding applied to it. Did you figure it out though? I refreshed the site and padding is no longer there? :slight_smile:


Yes I did, Ben! Thanks to you!

Anytime, Hashim! I’ll be marking this as resolved now.


Yes of course!

Thank you for helping out, Ben!