Individual Post page has text running on top of Sidebar

I’m building a site on my office PC using WAMP and Wordpress 4.5 and Beaver Build Child Theme 1.5, Beaver Builder Plugin Pro Version 1.7.6

Everything is going quite well except for when click on a post to read it. The text of the post is running too far to the right and ending up on top of the sidebar and I can’t figure out why.

See Image. Screen grab of issue

How do I get the text to stay off the sidebar?

Hi Gerald,

Is the post content something you have written yourself or copy/paste?
What settings do you have for Post Layout via the Customizer?
Have you added any custom CSS, JS or modified any files?

The reason I ask is that I am not able to recreate your issue locally.


The post was copied but I pasted it into a plain text editor first, then copied & pasted into a new post.

Everything is stock here. There are a few plugins (4 or 5) but nothing too fancy.

However your comment about the Post Layout via the Customizer? Where do I find that?

Hey Gerald,

Problems like these are usually caused by nonbreaking spaces &nsbp;. What’s happening is that you’ve accidentally copied these special characters along with the paragraph. You can try deleting each of the spaces on that paragraph and replace them manually. You could also try pasting it to a different text editor and see if it helps, I use Notepad but I’m on a Windows machine. :slight_smile:


Oh boy, you are correct! I thought I had copied into notepad first, and then copied into the website but I guess I forgot about that step!

I just added a few more posts (the right way) and they are displaying properly.

Thanks team!

Hi Gerald,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thanks for informing us. We appreciate it.