inserting flash

i searche your database and couldn’t find even a mention of .swf. how do i insert flash animations? or do i have to use html code to embed it?

question 2. How can i adjust the height of my main header…sometimes i want it shorter and sometimes longer…please advise.

thanking you in advance…love bb

Hey Herb,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a module that handles flash content. You’ll have to use HTML code or use a plugin for it. You can check link below for more info.
WP Beginner Link

We don’t have a setting to set the height for the header but we can adjust is using custom CSS. Can you share the URL of the site in question so we can take a look?


Thanks Ben. I can use the html, no problem.

about the header.

wanted the header to be shorter but it seems to require a header to be that size?

is there a css snippet i can use to adjust that?

Hi Herb,

I apologise, but when you say you want the header to be shorter, do you mean in height or width?

Would it be possible for you provide a screenshot showing what you’re trying to achieve, please?