Inserting Shortcode Errors

Dear Support

First, thanks for this amazing Builder, the more I use it the more I love it.

Ok this is a problem I’m having:

When inserting a shortcode (.e.g into the Pricing Table) to pull in pricing for products from the billing software a blank page displays with the price only and nothing else on the page. I have to backspace and redo it and still the same result.

Any suggestions?


Warmest regards,


Welcome, Athlone.

Did you try this with the HTML module? I use that often and shortcodes work.

Regards, Leo

Hi Leo

Thank you for replying.

No with the Pricing Table specifically. It pulls through the correct pricing but the page info doesn’t save. It needs to work with the pricing table as this is primarily but not limited to where it will be used.

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Hey Athlone,

This is an interesting use case and we’ll see what we can do here, but can you provide us a bit more info on the workflow? For example, the shortcode, billing software, etc. If you could send a link to the site/page as well that would be great. Feel free to use private reply if needed.


Hi Billy

Thank you for the reply. Apologies for the late reply. It seems I didn’t receive or see the reply emailed to me.

Ok so here’s whats happening:

  1. I will insert a shortcode into the price table price box and save.
  2. On saving the next page is white with only the correct pricing (that was pulled in by the shortcode) is displaying e.g. $50. So the entire page is blank except for that price.
  3. The only option is to use the browser back button and try again with the same result which is always the same.

I hope this helps?

Warmest regards,


Hi Athlone,

Would you mind sending me temp admin access and a link to the page you are doing this in so I can take a look? I’m not sure this will work for you as the pricing module isn’t really built to accept shortcodes within it’s content, but I want to take a look and do some testing.


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Hey Athlone,

It looks like the issue is related to the plugin that runs that shortcode. The issue is that they are using document.write to render content which is generally seen as a bad practice as it can lead to issues like this and take over the page.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to prevent this from happening. When the response is returned from the server and we attempt to render it, their code runs and takes over the page. I would suggest filing a ticket with them to see if you can get that changed.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer!