Invisible BB links ???

Hi Guys,
I will be hiring a sales guy, now that I found BB and can produce nice sites fast. (thanks)
While I will use BB to build the sites, in certain instances, I do not want the end user top have BB access.
I know I cannot remove the plugin. So, is there a way to stop use, without deactivating the plugin?
It is for a site that I am building as a contract builder. I am afraid that if the middleman sees the BB tool and how easy it is to use, they will no longer need me. Just trying to protect my interests.
If not available, it would be nice to have the option to have the plugin’s page builder links become invisible or…
I hope the question is clear.

Hey JP,

Thanks for getting in touch! There are generally two options that you can set this up - A. Using Multisite to disable some options in their WP admin panel or B. don’t provide them an admin role user for. These two options will give you the ability to restrict access to BB from their WP admin.


First, thanks for the quick reply. The support BB offers is superb.
Multi site is not an option in these cases (I don’t think).
Nor, can I give someone the site without admin access. But editor may be an option.
Here is what is going on.
– Two guys sell high priced site to industrial companies. They have many clients that now want to go Mobile friendly.
– They want me to build the site. Of course I will use BB (Is there any other way? ;-))
– If they discover BB, they simply may not need me, due to the ease of building with BB.
As much as I am a fan of BB and recommend it to people like myself, these guys are more on the sales side, but do go into the site to make edits.
I realized that with the Agency Version I have, that I can name the tool ‘-’ or ‘- -’. While this hides the title somewhat, if they click edit they will still see a ‘launch’ button.
So, before I have to suck it up and provide access, is there another way? Have you asked Ben and the others or are you the expert?
Jun, if I give only editor rights, how do I restrict BB access?
Also, how would the multi-site option actually work? I thought the site(s) in multi-site had to all be related.
Jun, I am not 100% on the what, why and how of multi-site(s). Can you provide a link to an explanation that would make sense for this case?
If none of this is possible, maybe it should be considered as a potential upgrade?? Has anyone else ever asked for this type of lockout feature?
I envision a password entry to use the BB editor. The password would have to be entered once, each time someone accesses the WP dashboard. If they log out, then they would have to enter the password again upon re-entry. Once the password is entered, the launch button appears on the edit page and the ‘Page Builder’ link(s) appears in the ‘pages’ page, next to other links… ‘Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View | Remove from Wordfence cache | -’
In the above example, ‘-’ is the BB page builder. I was also able to name the BB tool… & n b s p ; (the html for a space), which leaves an empty space on the pages page, but the launch button is still visible on the edit page. (Just an FYI).
Thanks Jun! I know it’s an odd request, but in some cases, where people are just technical enough to feel OK about entering the WP dashboard, the value that BB provides is sometimes worth much more than the actual cost. If they don’t know about it and don’t regularly search for plugins that will make their life easier, they’d probably pay way more than the cost, if they knew what it did, but did not know where to locate it.
I may also be getting a bit paranoid :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I also realize that using the ‘edit’ option on a previously BB built page will cause page to lose certain elements. So the whole thing may not be feasible. That stated, maybe the ‘editor’ only option needs to be considered.

Hi Jon,

I think the best course of action going from your dilemma above is to use a roles and capabilities plugin. You can then create a new user role for you client and grant them specific privileges.

You may also want to check out this plugin which allows you to hide specific admin menu items, it may well work with BB.


I appreciate your popping in on this topic.
I have installed the two plugins on a test site (one at a time) and find them a bit confusing.
It may be that BB needs to be added by the plugin developer to get proper effect.
However, I will try again when I have more time to play.
Meanwhile, go ahead and mark this resolved.
If I need help again I will create a new topic.
There are other plugins that seem to do similar, so there is more investigation and testing to be done.
Thanks again to you and Jun for the attempt to help with what most may consider an odd issue.
Have a great day,

Hey Jon,

Glad to hear their suggestions helped! Definitely let us know if you need help further. :slight_smile: