Is a Video Background Possible in a Column?

Hi Beaves,

I would like to know if it is possible to add a video background to a Column somehow. As it seems to stand now, one can only add content atop a video… if that video takes up the entire width of the page. (AKA: as a Row background)

I’d really be ok with a just the standard column configured with the video module, but the video module has the black bars on the top and bottom and if that is not unsightly enough… it also has the large play controls at the bottom.

Thanks to whomever has some insight or suggestions!

If this topic is in the wrong place in this forum, feel free to punt it elsewhere.

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I would be interested in an answer to this question as well. Is there a hack to make this possible?

I also need column video background.

I also need ‘column’ video background! Any news?