Is Beaver Theme ADA Compliant?

I’ve been a long time user of GeneratePress theme (premium version), along with Beaver Builder. I’ve decided to switch from using GP to the Beaver Builder Theme, but then just realized that maybe I should ask about ADA Accessibility. I’m pretty sure that was not an issue with GP, but is Beaver Theme the same?

Hi Joe,

I don’t think you will get an “official” response on this, because BB may worry about liability if its users get sued and say, “I was told BB is accessibile,…” BB is a great tool that I’ve used for many years, but it’s up to the dev to get accessibility right.

So I’ll give you my take. I use Beaver Builder Beaver, Theme Builder, and Beaver Builder Theme. I have a few clients who are potential targets of shakedown lawsuits, so I’ve been testing quite a bit to keep them under the radar.

If you use 3rd party plugins for content, or customize your front end code, be certain you run tests on them too!

I’ve found BB to be mostly accessible, but it really depends on the person building the site. If you follow the basics, like proper alt tags for images, appropriate text in links, proper color contrast with text and backgrounds, proper document structure using correct heading tags, etc. (I’m sure I’m forgetting a few important things), you should be mostly ok. I also use Gravity Forms, since they are very focused on accessibility, and forms can be a pain to get right. But it’s very important to always test!

It’s a very deep topic and is very challenging to be compliant. The more complex your site is, the more challenging.

I use the Pro version of Deque axe DevTools axe DevTools | Developer Tools for Accessibility Testing, (The gold standard IMHO) and the W3C Validator tool. I occassionally use other tools, but these are the main ones for me.

Deque also has some excellent online courses on accessibility that I highly recommend. Accessibility Training | Deque

I hope this helps!