Is there a way to link a pdf using the button element?

Can anyone advise me the best way to create a button which goes to a pdf document? I seem to be able to use the text editor to link to a media file, but I’m struggling to use the button option to do the job for me. Thanks for any help that anyone can give me and hope my question isn’t too ‘stupid’. :slight_smile:

Hey Tony,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

You can get the direct link of the PDF file from the media library, and paste it directly in the Link box from the Button module’s settings. Can you give that a shot and let us know how it goes? :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben. I’d actually got to the method a few minutes before you replied. I did try the method first time round but for some reason it didn’t seem to work. I later discovered that the url for the doc. in the media library was different to what I’d pasted in the link on the button. Doh!

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction, I appreciate your help and time. :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out, and no worries at all! Happy to help. :slight_smile: Enjoy BB!