Is there an api for interacting with beaver builder elements on the page? (UABB advanced accordion)

Hey, I’m working on a wordpress site that is using beaver builder. One of the requests is to have the option to load more items into an accordion. This behavior sounds odd to me and I am aware of the pagination features for some BB elements, but that didn’t meet the client desire. Is there some API for interacting with these elements? I was trying to look at the wiki but the only scripting references I could find were for loading and running javascript files.

Ideally I would be able to grab a reference to the containing element or pass the element’s id to something and then modify / add to the collection of items in the accordion. If this is not possible I have no problem cloning the html content and updating it with the correct contents, but if there is a right way to do this I would like to try that first, thanks!

I’m not sure about UABB but the Powerpack accordion module you can feed it from an ACF Repeater. The ACF fields/repeater have API endpoints I think.
Might be worth looking into.

I see, thanks. That’s a few things to check out. Anything in there resemble a reactive front end framework setup? I see some links that appear to be describing navigation for interacting with these elements, but our setup would be more like…

Page loads 6 posts. If there are more posts, a button ‘show more posts’ would cause another row of 3 to load without navigating anywhere.

No issue if I can’t do that easily with any of these tools :+1: