Is this true?


I just purchased BB and trying to figure out many things. I love the tabs and accordion modules and want to use it to improve navigation of my long posts( 4000 + words). A preliminary read online about tabs/accordions and SEO gives me contradictory material.

Will using the tab and accordion module to improve navigation for my long posts be detrimental for SEO?

If it is, what better options are there with BB to improve navigation of my long posts?
Thank you,

Hi Patrick,
This is often discussed and I think the fact that when Google indexes sites, it does not ‘see’ the fact that only one of the tab content is visible - it is accessing the html and from that point of view the content is all visible - so my understanding is that it is fine.
Far more important is the quality of the content, the attention to headings, meta-titlea and so on - the usual SEO basics.
HTH, Dave