Issue with users being served logged-out version of content when they're logged in– how to exclude pages from being cached?

Hi all,
New to Beaver builder and I’m working with a membership site with an odd issue. Users are logging in to access their membership content, and they’re successfully redirected to their dashboard after login; however, once they go to a page that’s been built with Beaver Builder, that displays their restricted content, there’s some kind of caching issue and they get a message saying to sign in to access the content. I can reproduce this error myself, and with my admin account, the wordpress admin bar should appear at the top of the page while logged in– but it’s not there. It’s like the page is static and not “touching” wordpress at all.

Site is hosted on Siteground, nginx is being used as a reverse proxy cache, and Supercacher has been turned off; no cloudflare is enabled; I’ve added an htaccess directive to prevent caching on all pages. I am thinking that it’s Beaver Builder cache here… has anyone seen something like this before where a page is delivered as if to a logged-out user, when you’re logged in?


Beaver Builder does not have a cache in that sense, all it does is compiles the css and js files for a layout in the uploads dir, we made the mistake years ago of calling it the bb cache.

Your issue is caching, either your hosts server, or you installed a 3rd party cache plugin.

Thanks– that explains a lot about why I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

Unfortunately I’ve got a string of siteground support reps, up to a senior rep, telling me that it’s a site/plugin issue (they were the ones telling me that BB caches!) when, in my mind, this looks like it’s being cached before it hits wordpress (it’s pretty hard to get WP to not show an admin bar to a logged-in user). But I’ve turned off supercacher via the cPanel and uninstalled the only cache plugin, SG Optimizer. Active plugins are below if you’re curious. Thanks for the insight!

Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro)
Beaver Themer
Classic Editor
Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
Custom Fonts
EWWW Image Optimizer
Fast User Switching
Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
Insert Headers and Footers
iThemes Security
LifterLMS Customizations
LifterLMS Helper
LifterLMS Labs
LifterLMS PayPal Gateway
LifterLMS Stripe Payment Gateway
PowerPack for Beaver Builder
WordPress Importer
WP All Export
WP Fusion
Yoast SEO