Issues with Active Campaign pop up form embed code not saving

Hi, We use Active Campaigns for our email marketing. We have created a pop-up form and tried to embed the code to the home page and have escalated this to Active Campaigns who have checked it and advised that the code for the form is not saving and hence the pop up won’t work. They advised:

'Thanks for your patience while the team investigated this. The issue here is that the Beaver Builder is not saving the form code as it should do. Generally the html content field would be added, the code applied and saved before publishing the page. With the Beaver Builder, when the code is saved it disappears.

Unfortunately this is something out of our control as this is due to the plugin build so you will need to reach out to the developer for Beaver Builder to have this resolved.’

Any ideas on how to get this resolved?


Are you adding the code to a HTML module? What happens when you click publish? Are there any errors in the browser developer console when you click save?

I am having a similar issue. I’m pasting the shortcode into an HTML block in BB, but the form shows at the bottom of the page, rather than opening as a modal. No errors appear.

What shortcode are you adding?

Thanks for the reply. The shortcode is [activecampaign form=54 css=0] but after a support chat with ActiveCamapign changing the css to css=1 solved the issue!

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