Javascript - Beaver Builder Stopped Working Completely

I have a licensed version of BB Plugin Pro. I wanted to play around with the ideas of making columns clickable.

I discovered this page: Clickable Columns – Beaver Junction for Beaver Builder Users and associated video by David Waumsley.

I followed the instructions on the page including ensuring I had copied the javascript code and CSS EXACTLY after pasting.

When I saved, all the BB functionality completely stopped working. I was no longer able to edit existing elements on the page, nor add new elements with any modules.

I then tried to remove the javascript code from the Global Settings >> Javascript and clicked the save button. But the window just stayed open.

I reloaded the page, and noticed that the code was still there. I could not actually delete it.

I spent quite some time redoing over and over - but with the same result. Even logged out, back in, deleting cache (I have WP Rocket, but cache is not set for logged in users anyway). But I did use the Beaver Builder tool to delete any cache - still nothing worked and the problem was not resolved.

So, I decided to look for the code in the database and found it in two different tables. I manually deleted it there.

That did remove the code when I went back and looked in the Global Options window - it no longer existed, but I can still not make any BB edits on the page I was working on. I can click on things, but nothing happens, ie column settings - the window to adjust does not come up. Hovering over where I have used text editor - I cannot bring up the text editor.

If I try to experiment and create a new row and drag one, sometimes I can see the outline of the other rows and modules - but then all I see is a circle going on and on.

I checked the log files - when I first added the javascript, there was a Mod Security “Warning” - but not an actual forbidden code.

I made sure I had define( ‘FL_BUILDER_MODSEC_FIX’, true ); set in wp-config.php.

For good measure, I even turned off Mod Security for this domain.

I have seen weird issues before on some other hosting companies, and have requested max_input_vars = 15000 to be set which has solved them - so I made sure I had that set.

Nothing has helped.

I even went so far as to delete the BB Plugin from the Settings area, which is supposed to delete all data, and then BB Plugin apparently will recreate it if it is reinstalled. I did that.

Still no luck.

Yet, I can edit other existing pages on the website with BB Plugin without any problems. So this tells me it is unlikely to be a conflict with another plugin. And as mentioned, the problem all started with using the code from the above linked page to try to make columns clickable. Up to that point, everything was fine.

I’m generally pretty good at going through as many steps as possible when troubleshooting before I ask for help, but this has been now a 4 hour ordeal of trying things and not getting any closer to a solution :slight_smile:

Anyone have any insights on:

a. What is causing the issue with the one page?
b. Should this javascript that David has, actually still work? And what might be causing it to not work?



Disabling the plugin does NOT remove any data from the database.

Editing database rows is very dangerous, the data is serialised, if you dont take that into account you will make all the data corrupt.

If you have added JS to the global settings and now cannot open the builder, go to the wp-admin BB settings and enable debug mode, the global JS/CSS settings will appear right there and you can remove/fix it.

Including a link to the page might have helped.

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Thanks, pross. I reached out to the BB Support and they were able to help me out.

It turned out that I apparently entered CSS into the JS box… I have a redface because I was positive and double-checked, so I thought…

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Oops :slight_smile: happens to the best of us.

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Indeed… :slight_smile:

One thing I can say - when I finally reached out to BB Support, they replied so very fast, and provided immediate assistance.

I have not needed help very often, but when I have been totally stuck and reach out to them, I am always so impressed with both the speed and professionalism of their help team.

Big kudos to BB Support!


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