JavaScript from yui.yahooapis

Just so I know, are the 4 JavaScript resources served from part of the BB system?

Just working on a test site and noticed these being loaded from an external site, can this slow down page load?

They would just be loaded on pages with BB active right? Any way to combine them or is there no need to think about it?


Hi Neil,
the YUI library is used as part of the BB slideshow module and on your public site that are loaded only on the pages using it.

The total size for the included YUI libs is less than 70KB, with more than half of that loaded after the page rendering already started, I don’t think there’s much room for improvement there.

With some minimization and caching WP plugins you may try to combine and force that external resources to load from your site, but in my experience that doesn’t lead to better page load times but the contrary.

Loading the library from the Yahoo CDN there’s a chance that the browser cache has already been primed with that resource, so it wont be loaded again.
Even in the case where the browser cache is not primed the resource will be generally loaded with an higher level of parallelism, as there’s a limited number of concurrent TCP sockets per domain that any browser is configured to open at once, and this will offload your infrastructure too.

That said, my advice is… don’t care! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thanks for the explanation, that seems fine, will follow your advice and not care!


Thank you Neil for the interesting question.
You’re welcome! Happy to help :slight_smile: