jQuery CDNs and WordPress theme conflicts


The calendar date picker is not showing the selection day/year.
The calendar works with WP default theme but not beaver. (I’ve tested it’s not plugins).

There are some suggested fixes but because beaver theme does not work the same way, I can’t get it fixed. Pls advice.

Here’s a link to the problem:


Can you post temporary login info for us to test this? Also, can you link to a page where this is happening?


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Thanks! I’m not seeing any JavaScript errors, but I did notice that this plugin is outputting scripts before the opening HTML tag! I’m not sure if that would cause errors, but it’s certainly bad practice, so it could.

Can you tell me… is this happening when the builder is launched or is it always happening?

What browser and operating system are you using?


I am using Chrome and Windows.
The problem is not related to beaver builder.
It occurs with Beaver Theme.
When I switch to WP default theme, problem goes away.

Thanks, Alyce. Can you reinstate the login info so I can test one more time?


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Thanks, Alyce. I tested again and am still not seeing any issues. See the screen shot below. Are you saying the date picker isn’t coming up at all? My apologies in advance for any confusion on my end! :slight_smile:


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Hi Alyce,

It looks like the issue is related to the CSS/HTML framework that the Beaver Builder theme is built on (Bootstrap) and is only happening on Windows. It sets the text color of a number of elements, including select inputs, to “inherit”. That means they will inherit their text color from their parent element, in this case the popup header which has a text color of white.

I’ve fixed that by adding the following CSS in the customizer…

select { color:#333; }

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi. It’s fixed now! Thank you!