Just launched a local professional fishing tackle store

Nothing too fancy, but looks really nice using default BB theme. Be sure to check out desktop and mobile versions. Feedback is welcome.


Hey Robbie,

I personally love that site! Color scheme is great, layout fantastic, mobile version also great! My only feedback would be on the heading font. I think something a bit less embellishing like Roboto light 300 or Lato might fit a bit better. Otherwise, awesome work and thanks for sharing!


Thanks Billy for the feedback. I agree, Roboto light 300 for headings looks much cleaner. Thanks for the suggestion.

Oooh, nice, super slick looking! My only last piece of feedback now that I see it in Roboto is to maybe kick down the nav font size just a point or two to see if that looks good. :slight_smile:

Nice website, but you should resize the picture of your shop. It’s gigantic with 5mb and the dimensions are 11056 × 1728 :slight_smile: