Keep getting Page Not Found error

I’m trying to setup a simple online store with latest BB + Woocommerce + Beaverlodge v.117 plugin,
first time installation i got this error and then i’m reinstalling everything from scratch, creating pages all work fine, and suddenly the same errors appears again, editing a page and publish result an error such as :

The strange thing is URL contains &v=d62a8d1683e6/?v=d62a8d1683e6 which causing errors, ie :

Originally we have as correct URL, editing twice with BB causing double v=d62a8d1683e6 behind the URL.

Tried to disable the beaverlodge plugin with no luck.

Any idea what cause this and how resolve it?

Thank you.

Hey Christanto,

Thanks for getting in touch! Can you try installing just BB and see if it works?

Furthermore, we can’t reach is this on a local development server? The weird URL extension thingy might be a cached URL in the development service that you’re using.


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Hi Christanto,

The issue appears to be related to WooCommerce. When disabled, your page source contains no mention of d62a8d1683e6. However, when I enable WooCommerce, the page contains several mentions of d62a8d1683e6.

To prove this isn’t related to Beaver Builder, I disable BB and the issue persisted. Therefore, you’re going to need to contact WooCommerce Support for further assistance.


Hi Danny,

Thank you for addressing the issue.
Finally i’m found the article related to this, it’s because the WooCommerce options “Geolocate (with page caching support)” was enabled.

Source :

Hi Christanto,

Happy to hear you have resolved the issue and thanks for sharing the cause of the problem. We appreciate it.