Landing Page - First ever BB plugin page design

Hey guys, I just got into using BB plugin, and I have to say, it’s been awesome. I’ve been comparing and contrasting it to Visual Composer (which is all I’ve used as a page builder plugin for years), and I have to say BB is super fast!!

Here’s a simple landing page I created for my website while I continue to do the full website design behind the scenes. I used the Headway Themes theme and the BB plugin.

Fresh Medley Designs

Looking forward to using the BB plugin even more, and definitely one day using the BB Theme as well

Nice work Sasha, Love it!. Are you using Headway just for your header & footer or anything else?. I’m still deciding weather to still use Headway and renew my sub or Just use BB & themes for everything, although I know HW v4.0 is around the corner. I would love to know your workflow.

Hey Derrick, thank you! So at first I was using Headway to do my header area, but then I decided to test if the Menu module and just a photo module from BB plugin would work well, and it does. So right now, it’s just sitting in HW as the base and my grid is set to fluid and the wrapper set to fluid as well.

Right now I’m also waiting to see all of what HW4 will bring, I’ve got the beta, and playing with it, but if when it’s time to renew later next year and things are still where I can do them with other themes (or not much different), I may not renew. I haven’t yet played with the BB theme, but will be soon, so I am definitely going to compare what I can do in both. I must say I do like the true drag and drop/draw capabilities of HW, and as well that it gives me just about any layout and super control over my content as I desire. If BB theme gets something like that (for sure the finite control over the content layout so I can have the post in one area, the comments somewhere else, the headings the sidebar be wherever on the page I choose) then yeah I’d switch completely to it, since I know it would always play nice with it’s own plugin.

Are you currently building with HW and the BB plugin?

No at the moment I have been building purely using the BB theme and plugin, I haven’t used HW for a good few months now. But I have a project coming up which may require more control over layout so may pull HW out for that.

Yeah, that is definitely the highlight point of Headway Themes, ability to create just about any layout we can imagine.

Really hope BB Theme will offer the same customizability soon.