Large white space/padding at top of pages

Hello, I am using Wordpress to design my website, with Beaver Builder. There is a large white space at the top of my pages. Here is an example Creative Survival – Voices Counseling

I tried to mess with margins and padding and was able to adjust my landing page a little bit, but I can’t get it to move on that other page above. Here is the landing page where adjusting margins made it move up a little. I don’t understand the purpose of this large amount of padding in the cell that surrounds the text cell. I am using the visual editor tools of Beaver Builder because I don’t have the skills to adjust it in the code. I would like the top line of the copy in the left column line up with the top of the right column (widgets).

Can anyone help? Thank you

You have an empty h1 tag in your article header that has margin-bottom. ( the orange band.)

You also have padding-top on your row container for the main column.

Your Heading module has margin-top: 20px.

Remove all of those and the extra space will disappear. :slight_smile: