Lay-out columns in columns


I’m having a homepage right now with 50%-25%-25% columns. The 50% column has a lot of text so it is very long. The two 25% columns are shorter. Now I want to place a 50% contactform (or another text for that matter) below the two 25% columns. But I can’t get it to work.

Is it possible? Or should all columns always end at the same height to prevent empty space and to make it possible to ad an element with another width?

Screenshot 1 (how it is)
Screenshot 2 (how I want it to be)


Hey Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch! Re. your question, you would only be able to insert another module within one of the existing columns currently (or in both). The ability to have a single column under the the existing 2 columns isn’t possible at this point in time. You would need to drag out another row underneath that entire row as you mention. Thanks again, Robert!


Thank you, working with some limitations only feeds the creativity :slight_smile: